Google+ Local – Why You Need To Be On Google+ Local

What is Google+ Local?What is Google+Local

Are you struggling to get in front of local consumers who are looking for your particular product or service?

Are you tired of losing business to your competitors who are building a solid online presence right before your eyes?

Don’t worry… you can easily gain that same attention by setting up and managing your local directory listings –

… including Google+ Local.

As you probably know, Google is the largest and most popular search engine online today. Therefore, all of their products are equally important. Google+ Local is their new local listing service that replaced Google Places.

Although Google+ Local is a part of Google’s Social Media platform, which is called Google+ (or Google Plus), Google+ Local specifically focuses on businesses and their locations.

These pages are similar to Facebook business pages, but include a lot more features that are geared towards helping businesses connect with local consumers on a social level.

Google+ Local is where consumers will find a list of companies in the area that offer services or products based on the user’s search terms and recommendations made by others in their circle.

google+ local listing for businessFinding the best places to go for local products and services is an essential part of our daily lives. No longer do we pick up the Yellow Pages book to find local businesses; most people flock to the internet first.

Not only is Google+ Local a great source to provide information about your business, such as the type of services and/or products you offer, photos of your office, your hours of operation, payment methods and directions, but this is where your customers can leave reviews about your business for others to see.

Based on a 30 point Zagat scoring system, Google+ users can login and tell the world what they think about your business, products, or services.

Google+ Local makes finding trusted businesses online much easier than ever before.

If you’re serious about connecting with local consumers, make sure that your Google+ Local business listing is complete, claimed, and optimized for optimal visibility.

Benefits of Google+ Local

As a local business, your main goal is to implement strategies that will draw consumers to your business so you won’t have to constantly hunt for them. This is exactly what Google+ Local can do for your business.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from your Google+ Local page:

* More Local Online Visibility – Local consumers will get a first-hand look at your business information in Google+ Local. Here, they will be able to find a link to your website, what your business has to offer, and any other information you think they should have.

* More Engagement with Customers – Google+ Local makes it easy for businesses to communicate with their audience due to its social features. Customer engagement is one of the main gateways to customer loyalty.

* Direct Access to Customers – Businesses can connect with consumers on a more personal level with Google+ Local, which means it’s easier to encourage feedback and ask for reviews from them.

* Enjoy Higher Page Rankings – Google+ Local pages are indexed by the search engines. So if your page is complete and well-optimized, you can increase its rankings in the local search results. To do so, you will need to consistently provide fresh content as well as engage with your customers.

* Integration with Google Maps – Google+ Local pages generally include a Google Map listing as well. This allows consumers to find pertinent contact information such as your phone number, address, directions, and hours of operation.

Getting Started with Google+ Local

Dynamic Online Consulting specializes in helping local businesses optimize their Google+ Local listings for optimal local visibility.

If you are ready to gain the local attention you deserve, contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation on 0417 092 307


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