QR Codes For Small Business

qr codes for small businessQR Codes, or Quick Response codes, are a type of 2D bar code that may be decoded using your Smartphone with a QR Code reader application. QR Codes have proven to be very useful in marketing and convenience related applications, and the uses of QR codes for small business continues to take on in popularity and achieving amazing results at an increasing rate.

QR Codes are the latest trend in mobile marketing, and now you can also use them to engage your customers. Using a smartphone’s camera, customers can scan QR codes on your front door, and on marketing materials.

Those marketers who are able to think outside the box and use these technologies in new and creative ways to engage customers are the ones that will reap huge rewards. Those who “wait and see” will be playing catch up.

Mobile Marketing is here now, and the use of QR Codes will be the force that drives it!

What Can You Include In A QR Code?

QR codes have the ability to include virtually any text, but the question you need to ask is –

“What is the specific call to action I want the person scanning the image to do?”

Do you want them to:

    • call you? – Have your phone number scanned so the user just has to press “Call”
    • email you? – Have your email address scanned so the user just fills in their details
    • visit your website? – Have your url embedded in the code to instantly open your site
    • visit your Facebook page? – Have your vanity url embedded in the code to instantly visit your Facebook page
    • visit your store or restaurant? – Have a coupon or special offer in the code as an incentive for them to stop in
    • optin to your list? – Have the url to your sign up form where they can sign up for a freebie or similar

The options are truly as varied as your imagination.

QR codes are a great way to take someone from print in an advertisement, sign, business card or any other “real world” item and bring it into the “digital world” via their mobile device.

The use of QR Codes for small business have taken Japan and the US by storm, and are fast becoming popular in Canada, the UK and Australia.

Click this link to see more ideas on ways to use QR Codes for Small Business and how your business can be at the forefront with this amazing marketing technology.

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