Are You A People’s Person?

Do You Enjoy Working With Clients, Getting The Orders But Don’t Know An Easy Way to Deliver Professional Services?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

You may be one who loves approaching prospective clients to help them get more exposure, more clients or more profits for their business. But when it comes to actually –

    • building or optimizing their website for conversion
    • building mobile websites or apps
    • getting their Google Places/Google+ Local listing optimized
    • hosting their accounts
    • getting professional graphics made
    • securing their Facebook page and optimizing their presence on Facebook
    • ensuring their LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube accounts are effective
    • creating QR codes for marketing
    • offering done for you status updates on social platforms
    • designing marketing collateral

and more …..

You get stuck in the fulfillment process.

Reseller Online ConsultantSure, you can try to outsource to places like odesk, elance, fiverr etc but the hassle is horrendous, and you never know the quality of the work that will be returned. And you waste so much time and effort, and go round in circles, that you end up eating through any profits you may have made on the deal, and get frustrated in the process.

You wonder if it’s all worth it.

So listen up!

Business owners today are tired of people offering them a product like a mobile website, a website or seo services where the product is delivered and then they never see them again. And, they are more apt to deal with someone who is a consultant, offering a more comprehensive approach to marketing. Once the prospect is aware of what YOU will be able to give them – or how THEY will see results, they’ll want more of what you have to offer.

As a Reseller of Dynamic Online Consulting, you get to:

    • Contact clients of YOUR choice
    • Offer services to HELP clients achieve their desired results
    • Add YOUR fee to our prices
    • Get us to FULFILL the orders
    • You continue the relationship with clients and upsell if/where required

Using Dynamic Online Consulting you can be assured of 100% professional services being delivered ON TIME, EVERY TIME!

What do you get as a Reseller for Dynamic Online Consulting?

You will be provided with a many tools and resources to make your ‘procurement of clients’ easy, including but not limited to:

    • A professional premium-themed website to promote your own business (just like this one but in your branding!)
    • A professional mobile website for your own business
    • Free hosting for both domains for 6 months
    • Links to a portfolio of sample niche websites, mobile sites, and more to show clients what they can have (if they work with you)
    • Presentations to use face to face with prospective clients which you may customize to ‘your voice’
    • Templates for Proposals, Order Forms and Contracts
    • Access to a private Facebook mastermind group to connect with other Dynamic Online Consulting resellers
    • Regular updates on new media marketing techniques and trainings via webinar and member site

This is a true Business-In-A-Box for anyone wanting to succeed in the Offline Marketing world.

Limited Time Offer

Your Investment In Your Very Own Business In A Box To Become A Strategic Offline Consultant and Have You Earning Profits Quickly is

NOT $2497

But For a Limited Time Just $1997

If you are an offline marketer, or have the inclination to become a part of the offline marketing world, and have a desire to assist small business owners increase their exposure, traffic and profits, applications are now open to become a reseller for Dynamic Online Consulting.

Become a strategic online consultantP.S. You’ll receive a customized website (on the domain of your choice), mobile website, (free hosting for both sites for 6 months) and all the tools and resources to enable you to get your first client as soon as you’re ready to take action.

PPS. And the sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll be making your own profits.

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