SEO Optimized Website For Small Business


Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Create An Online Presence:

The primary reason a website is important for your business is to establish an online presence. These days statistics state that almost 500 million people world-wide have access to the internet. Regardless of the niche or industry you are in, you really cant ignore 500 million people. Even if you just conduct business in your local neighbourhood or within your community, it is important to let people in that community know that you are interested in serving them in any way possible. And remember – if you don’t, your competitors will.

Increase Credibility:

Another important reason for having a website is for business credibility. With the availability of the internet, and the ease with which consumers can quickly research before they buy (and believe me, they do), if you’re not found as a solution to their challenge, or visible to offer them what they’re looking for, it is highly unlikely they will switch off their computers and open the yellow pages directory or go searching through trade journals. Having an online presence will provide consumers with the opportunity to look at what you offer, and if your website interesting for them, the opportunity is there to build on.


The ability to network is also powerful with a website. Making connections with other people is a huge part of any business. Think about each time you attend a meeting or seminar and hand out your business card – and how these connections can turn into a deal. Imagine if you could hand out your business card to thousands, maybe millions of potential clients? This can be done 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, inexpensively and simply, on the internet.

Share Information:

Having a website enables you to share information about your business. Without having to send emails, or answer phones, you can provide information such as your opening hours, where you’re located, access to parking or public transport, what services you provide, how much you charge, what are your specials. Letting potential clients know why they should do business with you has never been as easy as it is on the internet.

To summarise just some reasons why your business needs a website:

  • To build a list – start your sales funnel
  • To serve your customers
  • To heighten public interest
  • To release up to date information
  • To make sales
  • To reach a highly desirable demographic market
  • To answer frequently asked questions
  • To stay in contact with your audience
  • To open global markets
  • To offer 24 hour customer service
  • To allow feedback from customers
  • To be visible to the media
  • To educate your market
  • To reach any specialized market!

The Importance of An SEO Optimized Business Website

So, you’ve got your website up and running but can people find you? Does your website come up when potential customers are searching for the solution you offer?

There is absolutely no point in having a website on the internet if no-one knows you’re there, are you can’t be found.

Effective search engine optimization can ensure your site appears for the search terms you want to appear for. To achieve the optimal seo on your website, there are many strategies involved such as onpage optimization including keyword research, keywords in content, correct tagging, use of the H1, H2 and H3 tags, images, and more.

And of course, there is off page optimization including link building strategies, article marketing, creating additional mini sites such as Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages, video marketing and more.

In order to have a successful online presence, you need to ensure your website is SEO Optimized.

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