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The Vredestein Fortezza Senso All Weather is on the top of the line all-purpose street bike bicycle from Vredestein. This scooter utilizes each of the high tech materials you expect from a top of the line bicycle: 120 TPI carcass, TriComp chemical, and superb protection. Even though this is the luxury tire out of Vredestein, pricing is a bit lower when compared to Conti’s or even Schwalbe’s. This tire was given by Dutch webshop Thank you, Mantel! In order to learn more about schwinn bike pump walmart, you can try this out.

When considering the specifications of the Fortezza Senso All Weather, it Appears to Be very similar to this Conti GP4000S and Schwalbe One. Specified weight is 225 g for the 25 millimeter edition of the tire. Add-in that the 120 TPI carcass and TriComp chemical and pretty much everybody will be convinced rolling immunity ought to be comparable to high quality of this line street bike tires from some other makers.

Surprisingly, the operation of this Fortezza Senso from the rolling resistance evaluation is awful. This bicycle has the greatest rolling resistance of all street bicycle tires that I had the opportunity to test as much as understand. Mantel sent me two tires, so I tested both and both were equally awful. I retested a Schwalbe One and Conti GP4000S II to confirm the Fortezza Senso outcomes, these tires had the exact same low rolling resistance they’ve. Keep Reading for the complete results.

All rolling resistance evaluations are conducted on our rolling resistance test system. Read our The Evaluation page for a detailed explanation about how we examine tires.

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The set of Fortezza Senso All Weather 25 mm I obtained, had a burden of 234 and 235 g. Vredestein maintains that a weight of 240 g, tires which are milder compared to specced are fantastic! The highest air pressure of the Fortezza Senso All Weather, as indicated on the sidewall, is 130 psi.

The rolling resistance evaluation: This is really where everything goes wrong. In 120 psi, the Fortezza Senso currently has a far higher rolling resistance (18 watts) compared to a GP4000S II in 60 psi (15.5 watts). It even has a far greater rolling resistance than a very cheap Vittoria Zaffiro in precisely the exact same air pressure. Luckily, rolling resistance does not burst when falling air pressure. However, rolling resistance would be the greatest of all street bicycle tires I have tested thus far.

* Sidewall puncture resistance is new information that’s been inserted after writing this review.

A street bicycle tire with such a large rolling resistance ought to at least have an extremely large puncture resistance? Puncture resistance is great with a score of 13, and it can be somewhat higher compared to GP4000S (11) or Schwalbe One (12). Nonetheless, there are different tires with similar or greater puncture resistance, but considerably lower rolling resistance. Please look at all information and create your own decision making.

I had high hopes of this Vredestein Fortezza Senso All Weather testing near the other leading tires or perhaps even exceeding them. Regrettably, it sounds rolling resistance is far too high to think about employing this tire. In 100 psi and a rate of 29 km/h, rolling resistance for a set of tires is 14 watts higher in comparison with the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II or Schwalbe One. In my view, that is far too much.

In a lower cost point compared to the usual Fortezza Senso, you’ll have the ability to purchase a Vittoria Rubino Pro or Conti Grand Prix, which both have considerably lower rolling resistance. For slightly more money, authentic low rolling resistance tires such as the Conti GP4000S II or Schwalbe One can be obtained.