Video Marketing

Online Videos Could Mean More Sales for Your Business

“Are You Missing Out on the MASSIVE Opportunity to Capture More Business With Online Videos?…”

“Discover WHY You Need to Implement Video Marketing in Your Business”

Businesses that are focused on riding the internet wave are trading in traditional marketing methods for something more powerful and unique. The internet has opened many doors that can take your business to levels you’ve only dreamed about.

    • Nielsen studies report that approximately 79% of the population spends an average of 30 hours per month on the internet. During that time, each web user views approximately 3,123 web pages – including video web pages.
    • Internet users watched a total of almost 18 billion online videos in September 2011. These numbers alone prove that online video marketing could be an important missing link in your marketing endeavors.
    • Mobile is also a vehicle for web video consumption. Did you know that more than 20% of internet users ONLY use their mobile devices to get online?
    • The top three sites visited by U.S. browsers are Google, Facebook, and YouTube.


easy video marketing for businessAll of these platforms have a heavy emphasis on video content, which is a strong indication of just how powerful online videos can be for your business.

YouTube is the largest online video site and creates a strong foundation for local businesses. Many of your local consumers go online first before visiting a local establishment. They pay close attention to what comes up on the first page of the search engines when searching for your type of product or service online.

Videos rank extremely fast when created and distributed properly. Have you ever noticed the number of YouTube videos that come up on page one when you do searches?

So in addition to having videos on your website, you should also distribute videos to online video sharing sites such as YouTube to gain maximum exposure.

Online videos are no longer an option when it comes to marketing your business – it’s a necessity.

As a local business owner, you may be wondering how your business can capitalize on the fast-growing Video Marketing trend.

“Getting Started in Video Marketing Is Easier Than You Think …”

You Will Learn:

    • What Video Marketing is and How You Can Benefit
    • How BIG Companies are Brining in BIG Dollars with Videos
    • How to Use Email and Video to Get Higher Click-Throughs
    • How to Get Started on Your Video Journey
    • and MUCH more!

Contact Dynamic Online Consulting today to discover how easily you can start introducing video marketing to your mix today.

Maybe you don’t think Video Marketing can do anything for your business. But online videos are a powerful asset for ANY business that wants to generate more customers, more sales, and more profits.

There is no denying the fact that every business should have a strong online presence today. But many business owners are overlooking the importance of having a strong online VIDEO presence.

However, many businesses are already on path to video marketing – some of them are your competitors.  Businesses that understand the importance of online videos are scrambling to develop websites, email, and mobile apps that include video content. Most of them believe that incorporating videos will directly impact the future success of their business…

And they are right!

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