As you may have noticed, QR Codes in business is becoming more popular, and these little images of code will have you standing out in the crowd. So let’s discuss just a few ways to use QR codes in business, to have you attracting customers and staying ahead of your competition.

(Note: Images may be subject to copyright and are published here with credit to the owner)

Debenham's Launch The Trend Boutique This image from The Trend Boutique shows just how popular the use of a QR code in a store window can be to passersby. Note, the crowd are NOT just passing by, but have stopped to scan the code.

Yes – they have immediately put up their hand to say they are interested in what is on offer.

The graphic below is a collage of a variety of ways businesses are using qr codes to market their business.

As icing toppers on cakes – The qr code could direct users to information about the ingredients in the cakes, other delicious treats available at the store, special deals …

Qr code on a neck label on a wine bottle – this can give consumers information on the wine, the winery, tasting notes, complementary foods to eat whilst drinking this wine … or special offers.

Real estate agents are catching on fast. A Qr code promoting a house for sale can take viewers inside the property showing virtual tours, features of the property, loan application forms and so much more. A must for realtors!


Promoting products with QR codes allows scanners to learn more about the product, it’s uses, the benefits, recipes, discounts or special offers and more.

Scanning the QR code in the magazine (Ralph above) would enable scanners to learn more about the products displayed .. pricing, accessories, more items in the range, where the product is available (offline), order the product via a page on the site the QR code directs to .. the opportunities are endless for what the code can offer.

And I love this one … on the Facebook Timeline cover “See what I’m thinking about. Scan the QR code above”. What a way to get people to visit a blog to discover your latest thoughts, ideas or offerings.

I hope the samples of qr code marketing given in this post has your mind ‘in flight’ wondering how you can utilise these amazing tools in your business.

QR Code Marketing Tip:

When using QR Codes, make sure you let people know the BENEFIT of scanning your code. What is in it for them? Without offering an incentive for them to scan your code, they’ll probably just ignore it and move on. Tell them WHY they should scan your code and you’ll be amazed at how many people will actually scan the code and follow through with your call to action.

For dynamic or static qr code marketing for your business, contact Dynamic Online Consulting to discuss how you can introduce this increasingly popular tool to grow your brand awareness.

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